Cyber Month 2022

Every year, University of Toronto hosts a tri-campus community Cyber Month campaign to raise awareness and educate staff, faculty and students about how to keep themselves secure in the digital space.

Cyber security guidance for research and development organizations during COVID-19

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security curated a selection of advice and guidance resources to help the businesses and institutions that are being targeted by cyber threat actors.

Explore all Information Security Awareness and Education Resources

In this section, you can find the entire collection of materials, publications, videos, digital assets and other resources made available through the program. This section will continuously grow as more resources are developed.

What You Need to Know

Information security awareness resources for the University of Toronto community. Use these to quickly review the basics around information security.

Phishing Awareness
Travel Practices: Securing Data
Web Browsing Practices
Account and Password Management
Social Media Practices: Managing your online reputation
Data Breach Reporting

Campaign Resources

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Data Privacy Day

Digital Collection

The following digital resources are available for download. They can be used to promote information security awareness in your classroom, academic space or office. We encourage the community to utilize these resources.

Video Resources

Presentation & Session Archives

Archives of previously hosted sessions and presentations sponsored by the Information Security Awareness and Education initiative.