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Phish Bowl

[Phish] Amazon : activate your account ✔

Details: From: no_repIy <> Subject: [Amazon] : Activate Your Account ✔   Text: Dear Customer, Some informations on your acount appears to be missing or incorrect, please update your account informations promptly so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your Amazon account. If you don’t update your informations within 72 hours we’ll ... Read More

[Phish] Facture disponible

Details: From: [redcacted] Subject: Facture disponible   Text: Cher client, La commande de service 8017123 est terminée et la facture UL405890-61 est prêt pour le paiement! Un DOC de la facture est joint à cet email. Je vous prie de croire, en mes sentiment les meilleurs. Bonne journée, [redacted] Bureau: +1 119496-014-793 Fax: +1 119 496-014-997 [redacted]

[Phish] Hi

Details: From: [redacted] <> Subject: Hi Text: Are you available? I need you to personally run a task for me ASAP as I am caught up in meetings. Just reply my Emails and let me know if you can get this done right now as I cannot make or receive call right now due to ... Read More

[Phish] HELLO

Details: From: [redacted] Subject: HELLO Text: [Redacted] Are you free at the moment? — Best Regards, [redacted] sent from my IPhone

[Phish] Re: Hello

Details: From: [redacted] Subject: Re: Hello Text Hello [redacted] I’m in a meeting right now and that’s why i’m contacting you through here. I should have call you, but phone is not allowed to be use during the meeting.I don’t know when the meeting will be rounding up, And i want you to help me ... Read More

[Phish] Payroll schedule is available

Details: From: UToronto <> Subject: Payroll schedule is available Text: 1 New Notification Regarding Your 2018 Payroll Copyright © 2018 University of Toronto

[Phish] Swift response

Details: From: [Redacted]<> Subject: Swift Response Text: [Redacted], How are you doing? There is something I need you to help me with, let me know if you are available so I can give you the details. Regards [Redacted]

[Phish] Suspicious login noticed

Details: From: Royal Bank Of Canada <> Subject: Suspicious Login Noticed. Text: We detected something suspicious about a recent login to your online account. For your security, we locked your account and stoped all pending transactions until we are able to verify your recent account activities. To unlock your account,we request you LOGIN NOW and ... Read More

[Phish] Urgent server upgrade

Details: From: University of Toronto Web Admin <> Subject: Urgent Server Upgrade Text: Due to our recent server upgrade, all registered faculty/staff and students of webmail service are to update with their webmail account information immediately. Some of these problems will be solved: * Problem when logging in via the Central Authentication Server (CAS). * Frequent login errors and delayed ... Read More

[Phish] Senior official spear-phish

Details: From: [redacted] Subject: [redacted] Text: Are you free right now? I’ll need you to run a task ASAP. P.S: I’m busy at the moment and can’t talk but will lookout for your reply. Thanks I need you to get some gift cards, which are to be sent out in about 45mins. How soon can you arrange ... Read More