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Phish Bowl

[Phish] Re: Quick Respond

On May 21, members the University of Toronto (U of T) community received a malicious email that impersonated a well-known division head. The attack attempted to manipulate recipients into purchasing a large quantity of iTunes gift cards.   Fortunately, the attack was thwarted by a sharp-eyed staff member who recognized the classic signs of a phishing email, including a suspicious email ... Read More

[Phish] [Redacted] shared “Doc010” with you.

This phishing email was sent to a department at the University of Toronto. The message is purportedly from someone who shares a first name with a department member, but the email address does not use a University domain. The email invites the user to access a OneDrive document that appears to be from the department’s manager, but the link is malicious.  Details: ... Read More

[Phish] Re : salary award . “The Legacy and the Promise.”

Details: From: [Redacted] <> Subject: Re : Salary Award . “The Legacy and the Promise.”   Text: Dear [Redacted] Attached is the descriptions of how staffs/faculty members has demonstrated excellence in support of the school activities progress. List of all the names of 2018 / 2019 nominees, entitled for increase in Salary  and position placement in your Years of ... Read More

[Phish] Alert

Details: From: Krishna, Vamsee <> Subject: Alert   Text: We received a request to delete your mailbox database permanently. Please reconfirm your request by choosing either of the two options below but please note that if you fail to click on option. One we will have no other choice than to delete your mailbox database immediately. ... Read More

[Phish] Update

Details: From: M Subject: Update   Text: I need to update my pay check direct deposit info Sent from my iPhone

[Phish] I advise you not to call the police.

NOTE SAMPLE ONLY. This malicious fraud attempt has been seen elsewhere, but has not been reported at the University – yet. Be aware and report if you see this or other phishes at Details: From: [redacted] Subject: I advise you not to call the police. Text: My man carried a bomb (Hexogen) into the building where your company is located. It is constructed under my direction. It can ... Read More

[Phish] Amazon : activate your account ✔

Details: From: no_repIy <> Subject: [Amazon] : Activate Your Account ✔   Text: Dear Customer, Some informations on your acount appears to be missing or incorrect, please update your account informations promptly so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your Amazon account. If you don’t update your informations within 72 hours we’ll ... Read More

[Phish] Facture disponible

Details: From: [redacted] Subject: Facture disponible Text: Cher client, La commande de service 8017123 est terminée et la facture UL405890-61 est prêt pour le paiement! Un DOC de la facture est joint à cet email. Je vous prie de croire, en mes sentiment les meilleurs. Bonne journée, [redacted] Bureau: +1 119496-014-793 Fax: +1 119 496-014-997 [redacted]

[Phish] Hi

Details: From: [redacted] <> Subject: Hi Text: Are you available? I need you to personally run a task for me ASAP as I am caught up in meetings. Just reply my Emails and let me know if you can get this done right now as I cannot make or receive call right now due to ... Read More

[Phish] HELLO

Details: From: [redacted] Subject: HELLO Text: [Redacted] Are you free at the moment? — Best Regards, [redacted] sent from my IPhone