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Computer Chip Security in the News

You’ve heard the recent press reports on computer chip vulnerabilities. These could compromise data on the devices you use. Here are some tips to protect yourself and your devices:

  • Stay Up to Date

    Keep up to date with device and browser patching.

  • Think Before You Click

    Continue to exercise caution when encountering email attachments and links.

  • Download Only from Trusted Sources

    Do not install software for which you are not confident of the source.

  • Browse with Caution

    Be careful with Javascript programs that run on your browser. Do not run programs in your browser from websites you are not familiar with.

For more information and technical advice, see the Advisory at:

Congratulations to our Meme Contest Winner!

Congratulations to our meme contest winner, Emma Hastie. Her clever Kermit the Frog meme impressed the whole Information Security Team.

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