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Tax filers beware: CRA impersonators attack through phishing emails 

Tax season is upon us and cyber criminals are using this opportunity to set traps for taxpayers. A common scam is phishing emails that purport to be official communications from tax filing companies or legitimate messages from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They often contain deceptive language that entices the recipient(s) to follow specific instructions.  ... Read More

Cyber threat trends for 2020

In February, IBM released its 2020 Threat Intelligence Index to highlight the most prominent cyber security risks and trends collected from the past year. With a good understanding of this report, organizations can make well-informed decisions on the battle against cyber crime and learn more about protecting data online.  Cyber crime trends and approaches  As the use of smart devices are a reality, cyber criminals ... Read More

Tips for travelling with devices

When we consider the risks associated with travelling, we must not forget about those that stem from the devices that come with us. With March Break approaching, now is a good time to refresh your memory with best practices for travelling with your devices. Protect your passwords Before you depart, wipe all stored passwords from ... Read More

Phishing alert – CRA scam targets university communities

The Information Security team at the University of Toronto (U of T) is warning students, staff and faculty to be wary of a current email scam circulating from what appears to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA scam is targeting students, faculty and staff at universities across the country. It states that a ... Read More

A look back at 2019 data privacy hot topics…

Each year we celebrate Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28 to recognize how the advancement of technology impacts our privacy rights and to highlight the value of protecting our personal information. As a joint effort between the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy and Information Security teams, we promote privacy-related best practices, insights and ... Read More

Cyber security news roundup: a recruitment crisis, botnets, spies and ransomware

In an increasingly digital world, cyber security issues are an inevitable (and ever-growing) part of the media landscape. As a result, a range of cyber security issues are hot topic in local, national and international news coverage. Here is a brief roundup of some of the most interesting recent news items right now. The return ... Read More

Practise safe surfing this holiday season

Tips for protecting your personal and financial data while shopping online The holiday season can be a stressful time for most, especially when it comes to finance. It’s no wonder we’ve adopted, with open arms, the Cyber Monday tradition of shopping for pre-holiday deals from the comfort of our living rooms. Unfortunately, hackers anticipate the ... Read More

CSAM 2019 recap: activities across the tri-campus community

Online privacy and data protection were front and centre for University of Toronto (U of T) staff, students and faculty during Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) activities, held throughout October. Hosted by the Information Security team, events included pop-up information booths and Coffee with the CISO sessions, held across all three U of T campuses. The overall ... Read More

Updated Cyber Security Awareness Month resources

Security Matters has updated its resource page with this year’s University of Toronto (U of T) Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) educational materials. These materials include:  A guide on what steps to take if you suspect you have received a phishing email.  An overview of U of T’s Information Security (IS) unit priorities for the next year.  ... Read More

What’s your information security style?

How much is the right amount of information to post about yourself online? Should you share everything or only certain information? Or should you keep all of your accounts locked down and even swear off social media altogether? Truth is, it’s your choice. What’s most important is to ensure that you are making mindful choices ... Read More