Managing Your Online Reputation

Social media is a great tool for staying in touch with family and friends, self promotion and staying up to date with current events.

Since more and more people are using social media to stay connected online, recruiters are using online profiles to assess candidates. Not only that but identity thieves can use information posted on social media to steal your personal information.

How can you protect your privacy and make a good impression?

  • Understand the default privacy settings on the social networking sites you use.
  • Keep your personal information private: birthday, mailing address, phone number, e-mail, mother’s maiden name, or social insurance number.
  • Be careful when accepting requests to connect online.
  • Avoid joining online groups when you don’t know all of the members.
  • Check location settings on photos and videos.
  • Don’t post when you are traveling. This lets potential criminal know that your home is vacant.
  • Don’t post photos of inappropriate or illegal activities.
  • Don’t click on attachments or links without checking the source.
  • Don’t “check in” to every place you visit. This information could be used by criminals to locate you.
  • Use strong passwords! Long and strong every time!