Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023 digital resources

Annually, the University of Toronto hosts a Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign across its three campuses to raise awareness and educate the community about staying safe online.

Explore this collection of digital and educational resources, all geared towards promoting online safety.


This year, the tri-campus community is coming together to host events about excellence through collaboration, effective risk management, safeguarding data for researchers and more.

See the full list of events and information here.

U of T Information Security resources

Note: The resource hub can only be accessed by U of T community members.

Digital assets for the U of T community

Partners and communications professionals within the U of T community can access a variety of digital media assets, such as social media graphics, virtual backgrounds, an email signature and more, to support Cyber Security Awareness Month through SharePoint.

Government of Canada resources

Get Cyber Safe has published a variety of resources to help Canadians step up their cyber fitness to protect themselves online: