Smishing campaigns target Rogers subscribers

Following the nation-wide Rogers outage on July 8, there have been reports of smishing (SMS phishing) campaigns targeting Rogers customers.

CTV News recently reported smishing campaigns asking Rogers customers to click on malicious links to receive a service disruption refund. An example of this is a message that a Twitter user received asking him to click on an unknown link to receive $50 credit.

Rogers has stated that the company doesn’t require any action from its subscribers and will auto-refund a portion of their bill to their account. They have also urged subscribers to forward the suspicious text messages to 7726 (SPAM).

What to do if you receive a suspicious email or text message:

  • Do not click the link, provide personal information, open the attachment, send SMS or forward the email to your contacts.
  • Forward the email to and then delete it from your inbox.
  • If you already engaged with the email, please contact immediately for assistance.
  • Visit the Security Matters website regularly to stay updated and aware about online safety.

Further resources for online safety: