October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: get involved

CSAM banner with 2020 logo that says Remote Security Matters. Bullet points say: Information security resources, multi-factor authentication, panel discussion, online contests & weekly trivia

Every October, Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) is recognized by individuals and organizations across the globe. The University of Toronto (U of T) is no exception; Information Technology Services (ITS) hosts an annual tri-campus community CSAM campaign to raise awareness and educate staff, faculty and students about how to protect themselves and their work environments against malicious cyber threats.

With remote working, learning and teaching having become the “new normal” for 2020, this year’s CSAM campaign at U of T will be themed: “Remote Security Matters” and will focus on the programs available to help the U of T community practice online safety.

“Security always matters, but being mobile amplifies the need for innovative security practices to be put into place and communicated,” explains Isaac Straley, U of T’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). “This remote lifestyle requires a different approach to how we practice cyber security and is an ongoing effort that we are tackling head-on.”

The campaign will revolve around the programs and services that U of T’s Information Security team have put in place to protect our at-home and on-campus community. In addition to remote security, each week of CSAM 2020 will focus on one of these programs, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Information Risk Self-Assessment (IRSA), and a new framework for baseline security controls.

“Working and learning both look a little different this year, and we take the responsibility of addressing and educating the community about online safety very seriously,” says Luke Barber, Director of Information & Instructional Technology Services for U of T Mississauga. “We are excited to share the resources and education coming out of the Mississauga campus and through our tri-campus efforts.”

For 2020, CSAM activities at U of T will include virtual activities and events. Highlights of the campaign include:

These activities and events, in conjunction with the various resources that will be released each week, will give the U of T community an opportunity to connect with the ITS team and learn about best practices for remote cyber security.

Visit these pages throughout October for more information and to stay updated on CSAM news and activities:

CSAM is a tri-campus initiative so be sure to visit your local campus IT department website and social media for additional resources specific to your location.