New program helps staff understand, manage and benchmark information risk

A new program — called Data Asset Inventory and Information Risk Self-Assessment (DAI-IRSA) — is launching this month to help University of Toronto (U of T) staff understand their data assets and information risks and work together to manage them.

Through a partnership between Information Security and Data Governance, DAI-IRSA supports units throughout their data governance and information risk management journey and within a common framework for identifying data assets and risks to those assets. Additionally, each unit’s contributions to this program helps the University understand the shared challenges related to data governance and information risk across the institution. “You can’t govern and protect what you don’t know you have,” explains Jeff Waldman, Manager, Institutional Data Governance, Planning and Budget.

Why is this program important to you?
The DAI-IRSA program provides a simple-to-use toolkit for units to describe their data assets and information risk, specific to their context, and lays the foundation for data governance and information risk management activities. Support is provided throughout the process in a format of the user’s choice, either through structured workshops or self-directed learning opportunities.

Attend the Oct. 28 launch event
A DAI-IRSA program launch event will be held virtually on Oct. 28 at 11 a.m., during which Information Security and Data Governance staff will host a discussion on the program overview and provide information on how to enrol. Consider attending if you are an administrative or IT manager, business officer, Information Security professional or IT professional. Register here.

To learn more about DAI-IRSA, visit or contact