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Phish Bowl

The Phish Bowl features examples of phishing emails received by members of the University of Toronto (U of T) community to help you identify and report suspicious emails.

If you have received any of the phishing emails below or other suspicious emails, please report it to and delete it immediately from your mailbox. Don’t click any links, download attachments or engage with the sender. Please do not forward or share the email with your colleagues and other contacts.

Learn more about what to do if you suspect a phishing attempt.

[Phish] Account Temporary Blocked

Details: From: Email Administrator <> Subject: Account Temporary Blocked Text: Dear [redacted], Your email account  will Expire on 11 Jun 2018,, If you want to continue using your email address: [redacted] You will need to verify immediately to prevent your account from terminating All messages and files will be lost if you do not immediately verify   This service ...


Details: From: Mail Service <> Subject: DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING Text: Email blacklist Dear [redacted] Our records indicate your account has been detected in spam activities, it has been included in the blacklist. Failure to confirm and update your account within 24 hours will result in a permanent suspension . Confirm your account below.


Details: From: “Pereira, Samuel” < Subject: RES: Final Warning Text: Important Staff Notice: Please Click STAFF-PAYROLL to enable us update your Payroll as all staff and members are getting payroll update now. If you do not update within the next 48hours, your account will be deactivated. Thank You. NOTICE: This email and its contents/attachments may be ...

[Phish] Voice Message

Details: From: 415-028-9377 <  +448488493311> Subject: Notice! Fwd: Voice Message from 1803301966 Text: You have a new voice message from phone 6253-039-XXXX

[Phish] Rep Needed

Details: From:  Anna Dvaladze < Subject: Rep Needed Text: Thaichati C0. Ltd, greatly in need of an individual who can handle its account from its customers/clients in Canada or USA. Regards, HR Manager

[Phish] Interac – FYI- You-Have-Money

Details: From:  INTERAC e-Transfer <> Subject: Interac – FYI- You-Have-Money Text: You’ve been sent $98.50 (CAD) from your service provider as refund for misappropriate billing.

[Phish] Upgrade Now!!

Details: From: <> Subject: Upgrade Now!! Text: Attention: [redacted] Your email qota has reached 98% and will soon exceed its limit. Follow the URL below to upgrade your quota to 25GB for free to avoid loss of email data. Upgrade Email Quota   Source: Email Administrator

[Phish] TD Web Business Banking Reference Code / Authorization Code

Details: From: TD Commercial Banking Services’ <> Subject: TD Web Business Banking Reference Code / Authorization Code Text: The registration codes for [redacted] were successfully re-issued. A PDF document is attached containing instructions for the Digital Certificate registration. For registration security, you will be required to provide a document Pass Code available below to gain access to ...

[Phish] Square has sent you $82.66

Details: From: Square Support <> Subject: Square has sent you $82.66 Text: Hello Square has credit your PNC account ending in 357 with $82.66 and the funds should be available in one to two business days Visit the DepositsReport on your Square Dashboard for details about this deposit. If this bank account is closed, you ...

[Phish] INTERAC e-Transfer: Secure Transfer

Details: From: Interac < Subject: INTERAC e-Transfer: Secure transfer Text: Adam Collins sent you $29.04.00 (CAD) on April 24, 2018