[Phish] Square has sent you $82.66

This is a image of a phishing attempt, prompting the user to accept a refund by clicking a malicious link


  • From: Square Support <SqaureSupport45@informationcomapny.com>
  • Subject: Square has sent you $82.66


Hello Kokotique.com

Square has credit your PNC account ending in 357 with $82.66 and the funds should be available in one to two business days Visit the DepositsReport on your Square Dashboard for details about this deposit.

If this bank account is closed, you can update it here

Your transactions grouped into deposits based on your selected close of day/time. To view or adjust this time, go to the Deposit Settings tab on your dashboard and clicck on each day to adjust the close ofDay

Visit the Square Support Center for more information Square’s depositschedule


The Square Team