Updated information security awareness resources available

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Spreading awareness and education around cyber security best practices in your classroom, academic space and/or office setting just got easier.

The Security Matters educational resources have recently been revamped to offer the University of Toronto (U of T) community a more streamlined and accessible collection of digital materials. Staff, student, faculty and other interested parties can access the resource page to download quick facts, redesigned tip sheets, PowerPoint templates and other shareable, printable materials related to cyber security awareness and education.

The growing resource collection covers fundamental cyber security best practices such as:

  • How to spot a phishing email
  • Tips for browsing the web securely
  • Practicing cyber safety at work and home
  • How to protect digital information while travelling
  • Safe password practices

For more information on how you can incorporate these resources into your personal and work life, find us at https://securitymatters.utoronto.ca/.