[Phish] Urgent server upgrade

This is an image of a phishing attempt wher ethe sender is impersonating a helpdesk at the University of Toronto and asking users for credentials under the guise of an urgent server upgrade.


  • From: University of Toronto Web Admin <help.desk@utoronto.ca>
  • Subject: Urgent Server Upgrade


Due to our recent server upgrade, all registered faculty/staff and students of webmail service are to update with their webmail account information immediately.

Some of these problems will be solved:

  • Problem when logging in via the Central Authentication Server (CAS).
  • Frequent login errors and delayed e-mail delivery.
  • To prevent Spam and Phishing.

You must provide your account identities below, to allow our open source webmail upgrade to the new UTORexchange and UTmail webmail client.

To update your profile, please send the following:

  • Full name:
  • UTORid / JOINid:
  • Full Email:
  • Password:
  • Confirm Password:
  • Department:
  • Mobile number:

If you do not specify your valid information, your account will be temporarily disabled from our server.

(Phone / Mobile number is used to contact you for your new password reset)



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