[Phish] Senior official spear-phish

This is an image of an email exchange between a spear phishing target and the sender.


  • From: [redacted]
  • Subject: [redacted]


Are you free right now? I’ll need you to run a task ASAP.

P.S: I’m busy at the moment and can’t talk but will lookout for your reply.


I need you to get some gift cards, which are to be sent out in about 45mins. How soon can you arrange them so I can tell you what product and denomination would be needed?


You can get it from a bookstore or any store around. I need Apple iTunes Gift Cards of $100 face value. I need 5 of the cards, that’s $100 X 5. $500.

NB: Get the physical cards and scratch out the back and send me pictures of the codes here.

Get back to me with the pictures of the cards showing the code.