[Phish] Amazon : activate your account ✔

This is an image of a phishing email that is disguised as Amazon services.


From: no_repIy <contact@web2015.p2wt.com>

Subject: [Amazon] : Activate Your Account ✔


Dear Customer,

Some informations on your acount appears to be missing or incorrect, please update your account informations promptly so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your Amazon account.

If you don’t update your informations within 72 hours we’ll limit what you can do with your Amazon account.

Simply click on the web address below :

Verify Now >

Thank you for your concern.


Amazon Services Team

Amazon Services. Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. Inc. Amazon.com is a registered trademark of Amazon.com, Inc. This message was produced and distributed by Amazon Services Inc.. 410 Terry Ave. North. Seattle. WA 98109-5210