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Phish Bowl

The Phish Bowl features examples of phishing emails received by members of the University of Toronto (U of T) community to help you identify and report suspicious emails.

If you have received any of the phishing emails below or other suspicious emails, please report it to and delete it immediately from your mailbox. Don’t click any links, download attachments or engage with the sender. Please do not forward or share the email with your colleagues and other contacts.

Learn more about what to do if you suspect a phishing attempt.

[Phish] Email blacklist [redacted] within 24 !!!

Details: From: Mail Service <> Subject: Email blacklist [redacted] within 24 !!! Text: Dear [redacted] Our records indicate that your account has been detected in spam activities, it has been included in the blacklist/ Failure to confirm and update your account within 24 hours will result in a permanent suspension. Confirm your account below

[Phish] Email Confirmation

Details: From: account-security-noreply@account.outlook Subject: Email confirmation Text: Please sign in office portal below to confirm your email address. Email confirmation is a standard safety procedure, to ensure the protection of your privacy OFFICE PORTAL You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Corportation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 USA Copyright ...

[Phish] TD Bank Account is Close

Details: From: Subject: destinatarios nao divulgados Text: Unusual Activities have been detected in your TDbank online account we have put it under restriction. To recover your account click the button below. Click here to update and verify your information Now Regards, Fraud Prevention Unit, © 2018 TD Canada Trust, All Rights Reserved @.

[Phish] Your Email address, [redacted] Login History Created

Details: From: Subject: Your Email address, [redacted] Login History Created Text: Dear User, You signed in Total 580 times in the last 90 days To prevent unrecognized sign-in activity, to [redacted] and security occasion. Review your recently devices sign-in from Chrome on Windows Extra security features will be activated and unrecognize sign-in attempt activity ...

[Phish] -Action: Changes made in your Internet Banking Profile-

Details: From: Subject: -Action: Changes made in your Internet Banking Profile- Text: *Action: Changes made in your Internet Banking Profile *Date January 13 2018. *This is to inform that your profile data was changed by you or by someone logged in using BMO DEBIT Card Number and password on 01/13/2018 from IP *If ...

[Phish] (Zivuq) that’s fair surprising

Details: From: Eric Regnier <> Subject: (Zivuq) that’s fair surprising Text: [Jybufona Qyqesow]   I’ve got an extremely  very good news for you,  you  will be simply  amazed) Please read it  here

[Phish] RE: scam

Details: From: Subject: RE: scam Text: Are you running a little scam here? I haven’t received any money from Thank you. Rick Foye Telephone: 784-240-0354 x 756 Estimating Fax: 745-227-4731 Main Office Fax: 771-222-6183 Email: Sent from my iPhone On Thu, January 11 2017 at 02:55 Here’s the bank statement for the payment ...

[Phish] prompt! Abnormal Reset Order from [redacted]

Details: From: Subject: prompt! Abnormal Reset Order from [redacted] Text: Email protection! [redacted] you can confirm your email account with a single click. [redacted] If we do not receive a verification reply within the next 24 hours, we will assume that you are a fraudulent user and close your email account until the correct ...

Learn how to spot a phish!

Visit our phishing resources page to learn about how to spot a phishing email or scam.