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Phish Bowl

The Phish Bowl features examples of phishing emails received by members of the University of Toronto (U of T) community to help you identify and report suspicious emails.

If you have received any of the phishing emails below or other suspicious emails, please report it to and delete it immediately from your mailbox. Don’t click any links, download attachments or engage with the sender. Please do not forward or share the email with your colleagues and other contacts.

Learn more about what to do if you suspect a phishing attempt.

[Phish] ATTN

Details: From: Brent Uptigrove <> Subject: ATTN Text: Your Mail Box Exceeded it storage limit CLICK HERE TO UBLOCK Fill and click SUBMIT for more space or you wont be able to send Mail

[Phish] Interac e-Transfer: Bell Mobility sent you money (refund for $98.50 (CAD) 784856EJ

Details: From: INTERAC e-Transfer <> Subject: Interac e-Transfer: Bell Mobility sent you money (refund for $98.50 (CAD) 784856EJ Text: You’ve been sent $98.50 (CAD) from your service provider as refund for misappropriate billing

[Phish] ATTN: RBC Express Reference Code / Authoriation Code

Details: From: RBC Express < Subject: ATTN: RBC Express Reference Code / Authorization Code Text: The registration codes for [redacted] were successfully re-issued. A PDF document is attached containing instructions for the Digital Certificate registration. For registration security purposes, you will be required to provide a document Pass code available below to gain access to the ...

[Phish] Official Notice from CRA

Details: From: Government of Canadian Revenue Agency <> Subject: Official Notice from CRA Text: We have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 681.90 CAD since you overpaid in 2017. Tax refunds are processed only if they are being claimed within 24 hours of this notification, otherwise they will add up into next ...

[Phish] Important Information from Wightman Webmail

Details: From: student_society_utgsu-l: UofT Graduate Students’ Union Listserv <> on behalf of Webmail – Wightman Telecom <sato@ROAD.CO.JP> Subject: Important Information from Wightman Webmail Text: Hello dear user: Your e-mail address [redacted] will expire in 5 days (2018/04/15 13:53) and will need to be updated as soon as possible. Please click on the link below to verify ...

[Phish] Donna Gill agent FedEx

Details: From: FEDEX CUSTOMER <> Subject: Donna Gill agent FedEx Text: Shipping Confirmation Dear Customer: We have a package for you! But unfortunately some important information is missing to complete the delivery. Please follow the link to verify your identity and review package information: Verify now! You have 24 horus to complete the verification! Otherwise the package ...

[Phish] Zimbra Manual Update

Details: From: Zimbra <> Subject: Zimbra Manual Update Text: Your Emial acount can not be automatically upgraded to new Webmail 8.9. click here to manually update your Email  account We apologize for any inconvenience Copyright System Email Copyright

[Phish] HelpDesk – 2018 Microsoft Outlook Web

Details: From: Ioana Ionica Subject: HelpDesk Text: All Staffs and Students are expected to migrate to the new 2018 Microsoft Outlook Web portal to access the below, click here to migrate Access the new staff directory Access your pay slips and P60s Update your ID photo E-mail and Calendar Flexibility Connect mobile number to e-mail for ...

[Phish] Your Shaw payment was declined

Details: From: Shaw <> Subject: Your Shaw payment was declined Text: Dear Shaw Subscriber The current pre-authorized payment information we have on file did not allow for payment of your balance. Therefore the transaction was declined. To make changes to your payment information, please click here to enter your payment information We appreciate your business and ...

[Phish] 1 security issue found on your account

Details: From: Permanent TSB <> Subject: 1 security issue found on your account Text: 1 security issue found on your account We’ve upgraded the Security Checkup to give you specific personalized recommendations to strengthen the security of your Open24 Account. Take the 2-minute checkup today to see the actions you should take to make your account ...