[Phish] Part-Time Personal Assistant Needed

Since May 25, the University has received several reports of a phishing scam that targets University of Toronto (U of T) students by encouraging them to “apply” for part-time work opportunities. The attack attempts to manipulate students into divulging personal information to a potential employer.

You can see two examples of these malicious emails below. For information on what to do if you receive one of these emails, please read the Security Matters blog post here: https://securitymatters.utoronto.ca/phishing-scams-target-job-seeking-students/.

Example 1


From: [Redacted]

To: [Recipient], <[redacted]@mail.utoronto.ca">

Subject: Part-Time Personal Assistant Needed


Position: Assistant

Type: Part-time

Hours: 10-12 weekly average

If you are interested, Kinfly send a copy of your CV / Resume for consideration to [redacted]@gmail.com

  • You will be contacted as soon as your CV / Resume is received and more details about the job will be sent to you.
  • Arrangement can then be made for an interview.

DO NOT SEND A REPLY MESSAGE TO MY EMAIL (Send your CV / Resume directly to the email above)

Example 2


From:  <[Redacted] To:  [Recipient], <[redacted]@mail.utoronto.ca]>

Subject:  Application for Part-Time Personal Assistant job


Hello [Redacted],

I am [Redacted].The name of my company is zomik inc.The company is into the Design, Development and Production of Quality Plastic Injection Moldings for the Manufacturing Industries.

I would have liked to have a one on one interview with you before you start working for me but i am currently in Quebec.

My business in based in Quebec and i also have an office in USA. I am making plans to relocate my Quebec office to Toronto ,the office will be very close to University of Toronto.

I will be in Toronto on the 6th of June to make final preparation of moving my office, so within that time frame i can meet you and have a formal interview.


  • Helping me to run some errands
  • Sorting out my delivers and packages.
  • One or two tasks may be included non of which will interfere with your current activities like studies or job.

Hours: 8-10 weekly average

  • Your weekly salary is $500.
  • I have a task for you now, to test how well you can handle the job

When are you available to carry out the task?