[Phish] Blackmail Attempt

This is an image of a phishing attempt, that uses blackmail iof personal information, in order to obtain funds


  • From: Disgrace <ticket@sociallylocal.com>
  • Subject: Your Family Counts on your Intelligence


Good day,

Do not pay attention on my illiteracy, Im from China.

I put the virus onto your OS

Now I stole all confidential data from your system. Furthermore I got some more evidence.
The most amusing evidence which I received – its a videotape [redacted] In next few days my virus grabbed all your social and email contacts

If you wish to destroy all evidence- transfer me 305 united states dollar in BTC(cryptocurrency)
Its my Bitcoin address – 1AG4eQx12EYNGGgpGrSdhzN8Ajw8D2qoGV
You have 30 h. after reading. If I get transfer I will erase the compromising permanently. Differently I will forward the video to all your contacts.