Appointed faculty now enrolled in UTORMFA

Two devices performing MFA

June 15, 2022 marked the final day of the automatic UTORMFA enrollment process for the University of Toronto’s appointed faculty members, moving us one step closer to a more secure community. To date, 91 per cent of appointed faculty and 95 per cent of appointed staff have enrolled.

UTORMFA is part of U of T’s continuing effort to protect the community, their personal data and the University. It offers an extra layer of protection to accounts and data as well as enhances the institution’s overall information security posture.

“Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to get our community enrolled and to those who have embraced the change toward a safer login experience,” says Isaac Straley, Chief Information Security Officer. “These have been challenging times, and I know it can be frustrating to ask you to change your login experience while still trying to juggle all the other rapid digital transformations. We have already seen positive risk reduction, and I believe it has been worth the effort.”

For up-to-date enrollment stats, visit the UTORMFA live enrollment counter.

Enrollment goals

Information Security will now be shifting their efforts to get students enrolled, with the goal of having University-wide enrollment by February 2023.

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