Enrol in UTORMFA to protect your accounts and data

Multi-factor authentication graphic. UTORMFA at the University of Toronto

If you have ever banked or shopped online, you may already be familiar with MFA — or two-factor authentication (2FA). MFA is a security enhancement that requires two different credentials before granting users access to an account (i.e., your password paired with a code sent to your mobile phone).

Now, a new MFA service — called UTORMFA — is available to University of Toronto (U of T) faculty, researchers, librarians and staff across the tri-campus community. It offers an extra layer of protection to accounts and data as well as enhances the institution’s overall cyber security posture. (See full list of benefits below).

In the context of U of T, MFA is currently in use in the form of an eToken to access HR and financial systems.

How to self-enrol in UTORMFA
U of T faculty, researchers, librarians and staff across the tri-campus community are invited to self-enroll in UTORMFA. For instructions, visit: enroll.utormfa.utoronto.ca/enroll.

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UTORMFA benefits
Overall, UTORMFA benefits include:

  • Extra security against weak/compromised passwords: In the event that an account(s) is compromised (i.e., hackers gain access to login credentials), UTORMFA will ensure attackers won’t be able to complete the second login step, preventing unauthorized access to account(s).
  • Protection against cyber-attack financial losses: According to IBM Security’s 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report, data breach incidents cost companies $3.86 million per breach on average.
  • Potential for future technical innovations: Looking ahead, strengthening the University’s overall security posture will also result in more flexible implementations of new business processes and infrastructure solutions for the future


Take a look at the MFA infographic.

For more information, visit the UTORMFA website.