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Phish Bowl

[Phish] Suspicious login noticed

Details: From: Royal Bank Of Canada <> Subject: Suspicious Login Noticed. Text: We detected something suspicious about a recent login to your online account. For your security, we locked your account and stoped all pending transactions until we are able to verify your recent account activities. To unlock your account,we request you LOGIN NOW and ... Read More

[Phish] Urgent server upgrade

Details: From: University of Toronto Web Admin <> Subject: Urgent Server Upgrade Text: Due to our recent server upgrade, all registered faculty/staff and students of webmail service are to update with their webmail account information immediately. Some of these problems will be solved: * Problem when logging in via the Central Authentication Server (CAS). * Frequent login errors and delayed ... Read More

[Phish] Senior official spear-phish

Details: From: [redacted] Subject: [redacted] Text: Are you free right now? I’ll need you to run a task ASAP. P.S: I’m busy at the moment and can’t talk but will lookout for your reply. Thanks I need you to get some gift cards, which are to be sent out in about 45mins. How soon can you arrange ... Read More

[Phish] Parking ticket reminder 39345008

Details: From: Parking Ticket <> Subject: Parking Ticket Reminder 39345008 Text: Parking violation notice The City of Toronto records indicate that a parking tickets issued to the vehicle described below has not been paid. this fines and applicable penalty charges area past due and must be paid within the next 14 calendar days. Driving Records show that ... Read More

[Phish] Exploitation attempt

Details: From: Franchot Bickel <> Subject: [redacted]odine[redacted] Text: I do know lodin[redacted] your passphrase. Lets get directly to the purpose. You may not know me and you are most likely thinking why you’re getting this mail? Absolutely no one has paid me to check about you. In fact, I setup a software on the X video clips ... Read More

[Phish] Problem with your Netflix membership

Details: From: Netflíx <> Subject: Problem with your Netflíx membership Text: Please Update Your Payment Method Dear Customer, Sorry for the interruption, but we are having touble authorizing your credit card. Please click here to enter your payment information again or to use a different Payment method. When you have finished, we will try to verify ... Read More

[Phish] Account Temporary Blocked

Details: From: Email Administrator <> Subject: Account Temporary Blocked Text: Dear [redacted], Your email account  will Expire on 11 Jun 2018,, If you want to continue using your email address: [redacted] You will need to verify immediately to prevent your account from terminating All messages and files will be lost if you do not immediately verify   This service ... Read More


Details: From: Mail Service <> Subject: DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING Text: Email blacklist Dear [redacted] Our records indicate your account has been detected in spam activities, it has been included in the blacklist. Failure to confirm and update your account within 24 hours will result in a permanent suspension . Confirm your account below.


Details: From: “Pereira, Samuel” < Subject: RES: Final Warning Text: Important Staff Notice:    Please Click STAFF-PAYROLL to enable us update your Payroll as all staff and members are getting payroll update now.    If you do not update within the next 48hours, your account will be deactivated.   Thank You.     NOTICE: This email and its ... Read More

[Phish] Voice Message

Details: From: 415-028-9377 <  +448488493311> Subject: Notice! Fwd: Voice Message from 1803301966 Text: You have a new voice message from phone 6253-039-XXXX