This tax season: protect yourself against fraud

This tax season: protect yourself against fraud

A message from U of T’s Central Payroll Services

It is tax time again and with that we see an increase in the number of fraudulent communications claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These include phishing emails, calls, texts or mail.

Please be aware that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not:

  • Send emails with links or ask you to divulge personal or financial information
  • Ask for personal information of any kind by email or text message
  • Request payments by prepaid credit cards
  • Give taxpayer information to another person, unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer
  • Leave personal information on voicemail services

When in doubt, ask yourself the following:

  • Did I sign up to receive online mail through My Account, My Business Account, or Represent a Client?
  • Did I provide my email address on my income tax and benefit return to receive mail online?
  • Am I expecting more money from the CRA?
  • Does this sound too good to be true?
  • Is the requester asking for information I would not provide in my tax return?
  • Is the requester asking for information I know the CRA already has on file for me?

You should never respond to these fraudulent communications, including emails or telephone messages, or click on any of the links provided.

Learn more about how to recognize a scam.

Watch this video: Beware of scammers posting as CRA employees.