Report an Incident

How to Report an Incident

Have you received a suspicious email, clicked a sketchy link or downloaded a file from an untrustworthy source? Have you noticed something off with your computer and you suspect you might have been hacked?

Your privacy and the privacy of the University's data may have been compromised.

Report all incidents to your help desk immediately.

What Your Help Desk May Ask You When Reporting an Incident:

When reporting a suspicious email, your Help Desk may as you to forward the “email header”. Click here for instructions on how to get email message header information.
Your Help Desk may ask you if you disclosed private information or passwords. This will help them determine the next steps on advising you how to further protect your information. Please know that your Help Desk does not need your personal information such as passwords to help you with an incident. 
Did you lose a device with confidential data on it or physical confidential documents? This may include an uncarpeted USB stick, portable hard drive, an unsecured mobile device, a bag with printed confidential documents. Be mindful of the data you had on the devices or on your person when the compromise may have occurred. This will help your Help Desk team determine what are the appropriate next steps.